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How to deal with the power dimensions in North South research partnerships


Global challenges demand well-researched solutions for a sustainable future. Development research directly addresses shared global issues. Yet, collaboration alone is not enough to produce impactful research knowledge. The lopsided power relations and inherited structural inequalities between North and South get in the way.

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In this Knowledge in Action (KIA) Talk, two associate professors and senior researchers, Sarah Ssali and Charles Hunt, address the power imbalances in research partnerships and offer insights on effective North-South collaboration, including mutual learning, equal authorship, funding management, institutional setup, and research focus agenda setting.

Sarah Ssali is Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Women and Gender Studies, and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Notions of Identity at Makerere University, Uganda. Her research areas include gender and politics, gender and health, post conflict health situations, neoliberalism, gender identities and social transformation.

Charles Hunt is Associate Professor in the School of Global, Urban & Social Studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked extensively across Africa and led major research partnerships. He carried out his most recent fieldwork in South Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mali.

In addition, this KIA Talk will include video highlights from Danida Fellowship Centre’s Science Engagement Days (March 27-29, 2023) featuring discussions among fifty researchers from twenty-two universities in seven African countries, six from universities in Denmark and the remainder from universities in Myanmar, Australia, and Spain.

Moderating the conversation is Lars Arne Jensen, Research Programme Manager at Danida Fellowship Centre.

The Knowledge in Action Talks convene brilliant minds, provide powerful inspiration and facilitate meaningful connections across Danida Fellowship Centre’s knowledge ecosystem.

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