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Introducing KiA Talks

The global challenges of today call for knowledge sharing and collaboration across countries, sectors, and disciplines.

Sharing knowledge and transforming it into action, does not happen by itself. It requires facilitation and a concerted effort.

Watch our Knowledge in Action Talks  and get inspired to bring your knowledge into Action.

Knowledge in Action Talk #6.Decision Support Systems for Integrated Water Resource Management
This webinar will inspire and give you practical tips and knowledge to use in your daily work whether you work in a non-governmental organisation, a private business or a public institution in the field of water management
Knowledge in Action Talk #6. Water Webinar for Danida Fellows

Knowledge in Action Talks #5: Global Voices for Change
How to dream big and make the dream a reality. This Knowledge in Action Talk#5 “Global Voices for Change about bring in perspectives from city planning in Argentina and the retail sector in Kenya. The talk took place at the People´s Meeting in Bornholm in Denmark in June 2022.
Knowledge in Action Talk #5 Global Voices for Change

Knowledge in Action Talks #4: Partnerships for Change II. We Focus on Plastic Waste
Do you want to explore the dynamics of public private partnerships, the pro and cons– and the challenges and opportunities of including informal sector entrepreneurs and NGOs in the collaboration. During this Knowledge in Action Talk#4 you will hear how Kenya and Denmark deal with plastic waste.
Knowledge in Action Talk #4. Engaging the public & private sector. Plastic waste. Kenya & Denmark

Knowledge in Action Talks #3: Partnerships for Change. Better together. Academia & civil society
Would your project, business idea or research project benefit from working with others? This Knowledge in Action Talk#3 Partnerships for Change. Better together will inspire you with creative tactics, strategic thinking, and offer practical tips to create partnerships for change.
Knowledge in Action Talk #3. Partnership for Change. Better together

Knowledge in Action Talks #2: Combatting a Global Pandemic: What does it take?
What does it take to combat a global pandemic? For this Knowledge in ActionTalk #2 we gathered a panel of key global and local practitioners and experts from Kenya, Ghana, Denmark, Uganda, and Tanzania to give us their take on how to prevent and respond to pandemics.
Knowledge in Action Talks #2: Combatting a Global Pandemic: What does it take?

Knowledge in Action Talks #1: How to turn your business idea into reality
Have you been contemplating a business idea, but feel unsure of how to roll it out? The Knowledge in Action Talk#1 “How to make your business idea reality” will give you the inspiration and confidence to take the next step.
Knowledge in Action Talk #1. How to turn your business idea into reality

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