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Information for Places of Study

Guidelines and Rates

Courses in Denmark
DFC has guidelines (in Danish – latest edition January 2018) for the arrangement in Denmark of training courses, which specify the contractual conditions between DFC and the place of study.

The Danish salary and seniority based rates (calculated from KR-rules) are as follows (2018):

Salary based maximum rate per hour: DKK 536

Seniority based maximum rates: DKK 364 (under 5 years); DKK 426 (5-9 years); (10-14 years) DKK 435; (15-19 years) DKK 471; (20+ years) DKK 536.

Courses in developing countries

DFC has guidelines (January 2016) in English for courses conducted in developing countries. An annotated budget example is also available.

Registration of Course Providers/Partner Institutions

Institutions that wish to be considered as course providers or partner institutions under the auspices of the Danida-funded Fellowship Programme can register with Danida Fellowship Centre by filling in a form available here.