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Science engagement

Danida science engagement

Danida Fellowship Centre helps researchers to break down the silos between academia, policy and public and bring evidence-based knowledge into action.

We promote the use of evidence-based knowledge from Danida supported research, and support dissemination and exchange within and beyond the academic field.

We offer online training and seminars to Danida supported researchers to improve their communication and engagement skills, to engage with and reach the users of research results. We also help researchers to identify specific and significant changes resulting from their research.

We offer in-person opportunities and platforms for science engagement and relations building. We organize thematic science meetings in and across countries to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Danida supported researchers can apply for science engagement grants to test new and innovative science engagement methods for influence and impact of their research, and/or promote collaboration across ongoing Danida funded research projects.


The global challenges of today call for knowledge sharing and collaboration across countries, sectors, and disciplines. Solutions must be found through the joint efforts of many different stakeholders such as communities, the private sector, civil society, public authorities, policy makers and academia.

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