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Knowledge in Action Talks 2022


In a world where the challenges of sustainability are becoming increasingly complex, the need for partnerships and collaboration across sectors and countries has never been more pressing.

Our series of Knowledge in Actions Talks in 2022 brought together some of the brightest minds from our knowledge ecosystem of Danida fellows and experts to discuss practical ways of working together in partnerships between the private, public, and third sectors.

The range of topics covered included plastic waste management in public-private partnerships in Denmark and Kenya, the rollout of a sustainable blue initiative in Buenos Aires, and the inclusion of a network of citizen scientists in a groundwater research project in South Africa.

These inspiring cases highlighted the unique roles and perspectives that each partner can bring to a partnership, whether they are public-private representatives, informal sector actors, NGOs, or entrepreneurs. They demonstrated the importance of collaboration in addressing global sustainability challenges and provided valuable lessons on how to work together effectively to bring about positive change.

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