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Knowledge in action

The global challenges of today calls for knowledge sharing and collaboration across countries, sectors, and disciplines. Solutions must be found through the joint efforts of many different stakeholders.

Danida Fellowship Centre promotes and help establish conducive spaces for policy makers, practitioners and academia to share their knowledge and create new more sustainable solutions to development challenges. Only through holistic approaches can we tackle complex and systemic challenges.

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Knowledge is not knowledge unless it is shared
Danida Alumni Prize Winner 2019, Dr Phan Thi Van


Partnerships for Change II. Engaging the public and private sector on plastic waste in Kenya and Denmark

During this Knowledge in Action Talk you will hear from two inspiring cases that illustrate different kinds of partnership collaborations. One case is from Kenya, the other from Denmark, but both deal with plastic waste... Read more

Partnerships for change. Better together 

Would your project, business idea or research project benefit from working with others? And are  you struggling to see who are the right partners, how you can engage them and work together? Join the Knowledge in Action ... Read more

Video: Engage and make an impact with your research

Researchers can play a key role in transforming their knowledge into action, but finding the right target groups and the best-suited methods and channels to create impact is not always easy. Hear what researchers took h... Read more

Combatting a global pandemic. What does it take?

The impact of COVID-19 over the past two years has been a wake-up call. For our #2Knowledge in Action Talk on 10 November, we have gathered ocal practitioners and experts from Kenya, Ghana, Denmark, Uganda, and Tanzania... Read more

Knowledge in Action grants for researchers

The first-ever Danida Fellowship Centre call for research activities to transform evidence-based knowledge into action is now open. See the call conditions for eligibility. The call will remain open until funds are exha... Read more

Integrated research can help prevent India’s “City of Lakes” from running dry

Udaipur in India is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ but the thousands of people living in the area are threatened by a lack of clean water in the future. A Danida supported research project aims to provide the basis for se... Read more

New Danida Fellowship Centre strategy 2021-25

Sharing knowledge is essential for finding sustainable solutions. Our new strategy for 2021-25 pilots a number of initiatives that focus on transforming knowledge into action. Read more

Bridging the gap between researchers and the public

Too much research and and too many scientific results never make it to the public. Our communication seminars for Danida funded researchers seek to bridge the gap. Read more
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