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Master’s students strengthen links in Denmark’s partnerships



What do six Master’s students from Bangladesh, Indonesia and South Africa have in common? All their studies aligned with the thematic focus of Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation in their home countries.

Since Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation with selected emerging economies began in 2015, Danida Fellowship Centre has offered a limited number of scholarships for Master’s studies at Danish universities to Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) partners.

The partners operate within the fields of green and circular economies, urban planning and development, food safety, health systems and the working environment. Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation has partners in both the public and private sectors.

The Master’s students who are currently benefitting from Danida Fellowship Centre’s support come from Bangladesh, Indonesia and South Africa. Although their fields of study are diverse, they are all aligned with the specific thematic areas for Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation in their home countries.

Thus, not only do their studies provide a unique opportunity for the individual students and their organisations to further their competences and skills, but they also facilitate closer cooperation between Denmark and the partner countries.

Hear what the six Master’s students have to say about their studies, dream jobs, and why they chose to pursue a Master’s degree in Denmark.

Deshanya Naidoo, South Africa

Mpumalanga Mnyekemfu, South Africa

Rangga Gaus, Indonesia
Md. Al-Helal, Bangladesh

Hilda Lasmanatun, Indonesia

At present, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and Danida Fellowship Centre are piloting a new Master’s scholarship programme focusing solely on Master’s students from Strategic Sector Cooperation countries in Africa, namely Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco and South Africa. The overall objective of this programme is to support/contribute to the green transition in Africa by further strengthening the capacity of institutions working within areas of importance for the green transition and sustainable production.

Watch the video and read about the launch of the new Master’s programme here



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