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National alumni networks


The National Alumni Networks have been established in many countries coordinated by alumni, often with support from the Danish Embassy in the country. They provide opportunities for alumni having completed a PhD, Master degree, short course or learning programme in Denmark to come together, form new relations, discuss their experiences, debate challenges faced by their country and identify ways for their expertise to be used towards better solutions.

Since the first alumni came to Denmark in the 1960s, this group has grown to encompass over 25,000 people from more than 120 countries. Around the world, they hold important positions. From researchers to teachers to government ministers and CEOs, they effect change and drive sustainable development in a broad spectrum of sectors.

The national networks take different forms. The role of the Danish Embassy differs as does the network membership criteria. Some networks include only Danida alumni, others expand their reach to everyone who have studied in Denmark.

The national networks work independent of Danida Fellowship Centre, but we provide a number of opportunities for their members. Danida Fellowship Centre also offers advice to networks wishing to improve or expand or for alumni and embassies wishing to launch a new network.

Members of the national alumni networks may:

No national alumni network in your country? Contact us on nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk for information on what you might do to start one.