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New podcast: Harnessing indigenous knowledge for climate action

Dr Suzan Mlangwa from St Augustine University, Tanzania in conversation about her latest Danida funded research project: Charcoal conflict in climate change’s decarbonization dilemmas: knots of livelihood, nutrition, communities, gender, migration and energy in East Africa. Photo: Elena Adamo

Discover the transformative power of indigenous wisdom and explore the synergy between researchers, journalists, and activists as they tackle the most pressing issue of our time: the climate crisis in this Knowledge in Action Podcast:

In the studio we have a diverse panel of experts; a dedicated researcher: Suzan Mlangwa, sociologist, from St Augustine University Tanzania, a seasoned journalist: Sarah Mawerere, Uganda Broadcast Cooperation, and a passionate climate activist: Suvendu Biswas, who is Senior Programme Officer at Action Aid Bangladesh. Together with our host, Stella Agara, the panel digs into how indigenous knowledge may lead the way toward climate resilience. They address the following questions:


  • How can we effectively integrate the wealth of indigenous climate wisdom into our climate policies and decision-making processes?
  • What steps can we take to acknowledge and empower women as custodians of this invaluable knowledge?
  • How do we engage and inspire the youth to actively participate in the climate conversation and champion the protection and promotion of indigenous climate knowledge?

This is the very first podcast in our Knowledge in Action Talks series. It draws from the knowledge gained and shared during the three learning programs #2. Reporting from the African Frontline of the Global Climate Crisis 2023, #2 Bridging the Gap. Science for the Public. We focus on the global climate crisis 2023, and The Climate Justice Academy training in September 2023 by Danida Fellowship Centre, ActionAid, and MS TCDC.

Stella Agara is Programme Coordinator for the Danida Fellowship Centre/MS TCDC Partnership Together for Impact.



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