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Together we are stronger


What do two experienced training institutions do when they realise how much they can benefit from each other’s expertise and network?

The simple answer is that they join forces. This is exactly what Danida Fellowship Centre and MS Action Aid’s Training Center for Development Cooperation, MS TCDC did when they entered into a new partnership Together for Impact.

The purpose of the new partnership is to strengthen the impact of the two institutions’ learning programmes by learning from each other and by co-creating activities to help the participants in learning programmes bring the knowledge they gain into practice.

The Danish Ambassador to Tanzania launched the partnership during the annual youth festival YouLead that gathered 500 young people from across Africa for dialogues and discussions on how to include youth in the decision-making processes and leadership across the continent.

Prior to this event, MS TCDC and Danida Fellowship Centre pioneered their first co-created learning programme, a one-week boot camp about youth inclusion and social-economic development and policy formulation in Africa.

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