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Communication, science engagement and networking in numbers 2022

Impressive increase of stories in 2022
Compared to previous years, 2022 showed an increase of both external and internal stories and other forms of media content about Danida supported research projects and learning programmes. From 2021 to 2022, we went from 72  to 200 pieces of media content. The stories came from about 20 different countries.


Media content featuring climate change
The number of climate change stories increased from 13 in 2021 to 158 in 2022 due in particular to the  learning programme “Reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis”  for researchers and journalists from across Africa. The surge was also due to the efforts of other communication and engagement trainings and activities for researchers sharpening their skills in effectively communicating their research findings.

We also saw an increase in media content featuring women protagonists from 4 in 2021 to 27 in 2022. This included 15 liveblogs  from the new learning programme Empowerment of Women in Management. 

Science communication as a driver for Knowledge in Action
Communication is a strategic tool that we use to strengthen knowledge sharing, uptake, and impact, and again in 2022, a high number of Danida supported researchers took up our offers of communication and engagement training activities.

23 took part in “Bridging the Gap. We focus on Water and South Africa”, 22  in “Bridging the Gap. We focus on Climate” and 25  in the Engagement, Influencing and Impact training. More about the science engagement activities.

While we in 2021 kick-started the engagement training with in total three seminar rounds to cater for everyone eligible to this training, we only needed to offer one training in 2022.

Network activities as a propeller for knowledge sharing
Danida Fellows Network brings together Danida alumni, Danida supported researchers and the many partners we have worked with within the context of Danish development cooperation to share knowledge, be inspired, and build new partnerships. The new Danida Fellows Network was launched on 22 August 2022 supported by a newsletter, new website, video and with a direct email to the 9000+ fellows.

There are 15 national chapters of Danida Fellows Networks.


Activities in 2022 in support of the green transition
The Water Engagement Day 22 March in South Africa brought together 52 participants from academia, water authorities, private sector and the media. The group collaborated on finding sustainable solutions to South Africa’s water challenges.

The Capacity building and Engagement for Green Transition Day in Egypt 13 October.  More than 100 Danida fellows were present and launched a new local Egyptian Danida Alumni Network especially focussing on the energy sector.

The ‘Triple Helix and Just Green Transitions workshop in December in Bangladesh. The workshop gathered 70 participants primarily from academia, industry, associations and government.


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