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Together we are stronger

What do two experienced training institutions do when they realise how much they can benefit from each other’s expertise and network? The simple answer is that they join forces. This is exactly what Danida Fellowship Centre and MS Action Aid’s Training Center for Development Cooperation, M...
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Danida Fellows Network 2.0

Our global sustainability challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Solving these challenges requires a collective effort from all sectors, disciplines, and countries. While it is true that change starts at the individual level, it cannot be achieved without joint action. To address ...
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Time for climate action

 Climate stories featured in African media are often sourced from international news platforms. Therefore, many climate stories in African media do not fully explore issues and challenges relevant to African audiences. Nor do the international stories make use of African research knowledge a...
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Engage and make research driven impact

How do we help Danida-supported researchers break down the silos between academia, policy and the public and bring evidence-based knowledge into action? Our answer to this question was the development of the framework for Danida's science engagement in 2022. Science engagement is about comm...
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Knowledge in Action Talks 2022

In a world where the challenges of sustainability are becoming increasingly complex, the need for partnerships and collaboration across sectors and countries has never been more pressing. Our series of Knowledge in Actions Talks in 2022 brought together some of the brightest minds from our...
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Partnerships characterized 2022. New partnerships, continued partnerships, potential partnerships, and training in partnerships
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Sharing knowledge and transforming it into action, does not happen by itself. Have a look at the ways Danida Fellowship Centre can help you bring your knowledge into action.

Knowledge in Action