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Learning programmes in numbers 2022

Number of countries that have participated in the learning programmes
In the year 2022, participants from 30 countries engaged in our learning programmes. 14 African countries were represented.

The learning programmes attracted a diverse range of participants, but six countries in particular were well represented.  At the forefront were Kenya and South Africa, with respectively 131 and 105 participants. Close behind were Ghana, Egypt, Brazil, and Vietnam, each with 90, 82, 81, and 75 participants. Together, these six countries accounted for  57% of the total  number of participants.


Increased focus on sustainability in our learning programmes
We develop and offer programmes according to needs of the strategic sector cooperations and other Danida-funded programmes. In line with Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation, our learning programmes are increasingly including elements on sustainability. In 2022, we offered  a total of 47 learning programmes of which 20 had an environmental/sustainability focus. 425 people participated in these 20 learning programmes, equivalent to 42.8 % of the total numbers of participants in our learning programmes in 2022.

Male and female participants
In the selection of candidates to our learning programmes, a number of factors are taken into account: link to and prioritization by the programme nominating the candidate, qualification, motivation, and approaching a balanced mix between countries, gender and type of organisations.

The majority of participants in the learning programme are men (55.9%), however female representation has increased a little from 40% in 2021 to 44.1% in 2022. The percentage of women that participated in the learning programmes in 2022 (44.1%) is almost equal to the percentage of women being nominated (43.6%).

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