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Tailor-made courses

Tailor-made courses are specifically designed according to the need of a Danida programme/project. These courses are financed by the programme or project. A tailor-made course can take place in Denmark or in a developing country according to needs and requirements of the requesting Embassy/programme/project.

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Tailor-made courses are well suited to cover the specific needs of programmes/ projects, and in principle, DFC can assist in organizing training within any area and in any country.

Procedures for the implementation of tailor-made courses
It has been resolved that when training activities (both financed by the central and by programme/project funds) are to be carried out in Denmark, Danida Fellowship Centre shall be involved to ensure the homogeneity and quality of training and living conditions in Denmark.

The Danida programme/project must forward a detailed description of the course requirements to Danida Fellowship Centre on the DFC-request form. The form is available at the Embassy or as a download under Forms.

Upon the Danida programme’s approval of the proposed study programme, DFC will prepare a course outline in co-operation with a suitable place of study. The course outline and course budget will be forwarded to the programme/project for final approval, before a period of study is agreed upon. The cost of the course covers reimbursable expenses only: study fee, allowances, travel expenses, accommodation, plus DFC’s administration. DFC will forward a pro-forma invoice to the Danida programme at the start of the course.

For learning programmes outside Denmark, please contact DFC directly.

For an example of a tailor-made learning programme, click here.


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