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25th anniversary in Frederiksberg



When Danida Fellowship Centre moved to its new premises at Hostrupsvej 22, Frederiksberg in the late summer of 1992, it marked a great shift in the history of Danida Fellowship Centre.

In previous years, the administration of the fellowship programme, the accommodation facilities for Danida fellows and the international student membership club had been located at different addresses in Copenhagen.

The new premises at Frederiksberg meant that all the activities, including the administration of the fellowship programme, the DFC hostel and the social activities, were now under the same roof assuring coherence and mutual benefit.

Much has happened over the past 25 years.

Danida Fellowship Centre has offered courses and further education for thousands of professionals from the Global South. In line with the priorities for Denmark’s cooperation with developing countries, the Centre has supported development and contributed to the capacity building of individuals as well as of institutions in Danida’s partner and priority countries.

We support development research

In 2008, Danida Fellowship Centre took over the administration of Danida’s research development grants from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since then, we have supported and facilitated the strategic and policy directions for development research and played a central role in ensuring good and effective administration of application rounds and research grants.


Danida Fellowship Centre has contributed significantly to build the South-driven development research programme in Vietnam, Tanzania, and Ghana (Nepal was also briefly included).

In 2013, Danida Fellowship Centre took over the administration of the Building Stronger Universities programme in Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, and Nepal. In addition, we have played a central role in contributing to research outreach activities, research exchange, capacity building of national research committees/institutions in Tanzania and Ghana, as well as facilitating the work of the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research (FFU) in Denmark.

We build capacity and offer courses and studies

In the 25 years which have passed since Danida Fellowship Centre set up its base at Frederiksberg, we have provided support to capacity development of Danish partners in developing countries. This support has been through degree studies, interdisciplinary multi-country training courses and learning programmes, tailor-made programmes, study tours, seminars and conferences – in Denmark and abroad – as well as partnerships with South-based Training Institutions. We have been a mainstay in ensuring that the activities are relevant for developing countries; to strengthen applicability of what is learned; to have fit-for-purpose adult education methodologies; and to promote organizational linkages.

Over the last 25 years, we have also been asked for advice and support by Danish Embassies and Danish-supported development programmes on how to improve capacity development in their work.

In 2016, the mandate of Danida Fellowship Centre was changed by the Danish Government in such a way as to focus on growth and transition countries involved in Danida’s Partnering with Denmark facility. In 2017, the first scholarship programme course was implemented for this facility.

Danida Alumni make a difference

Danida Fellowship Centre has always done its outmost to create the most favorable conditions for Danida fellows’ study or research stays in Denmark.

Since 1960’s, when the Centre still operated under the name International Student Centre, approximately 20,000 people from 90 countries in the Global South have been granted Danida fellowships. 2,000 have completed PhD or Masters Degrees while 18,000 have participated in Danida Fellowship Centre’s interdisciplinary courses for Danida Programmes. Back in their home countries, Danida alumni often gain influential and leading positions. In a wide range of sectors and in both private companies and state institutions, they contribute significantly to the development of their countries – and the continued cooperation with Denmark. To promote and facilitate collaboration between Danida alumni and Danish companies, academics, public institutions and NGOs we set up Danida Alumni Network in 2016.

With Denmark’s new strategic directions of supporting research and capacity building in selected growth and transition countries, Danida Fellowship Centre looks forward to continuing to do all we can to create the most favorable environment for capacity building, learning, and development research in Denmark – and in the developing and growth countries we collaborate with.

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