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Green transition and knowledge in action for youth


In 2023, we dedicated a number of activities and learning programmes directly to young people in recognition of their critical role in ensuring global co-existence and sustainability, especially when it comes to climate change and the green transition.

As part of the “Together for Impact” partnership with MS TCDC, we backed a new fellowship programme for young leaders in East Africa. Besides leadership training, the programme focuses on advocacy for climate justice and youth inclusion in economic development and policymaking. It wraps up with participants doing internships at key regional institutions such as the East African Commission (EAC). Some of the first youth leadership fellows also attended the learning programme “Empowering youth to influence and accelerate SDG implementation” that took place in Denmark in June. The programme included their participation in the annual democracy festival, “Folkemødet”, on the island of Bornholm. Later in the year, they put their newly gained knowledge into practice in organising side events about the SDGs at YouLead Africa, (Africa’s largest youth leadership forum, an event also supported by Danida Fellowship Centre), and to petition for a national youth council in Tanzania.

DTU’s Next Generation, the innovation and acceleration programme run by DTU Skylab, offers young academics and entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage in finding new solutions to global challenges. In 2023, it brought together nearly 100 international talents. Danida Fellowship Centre supported 50 participants from India, Ghana, and South Africa. These young people came up with solutions to climate change and environmental challenges within areas such as water, health, materials and regenerative communities. Many of the 50 concluded the programme by winning prizes for their green innovative solutions.

The culmination of our commitment to youth empowerment was the launch of a new master’s programme for African youth under the umbrella of Denmark’s strategic sector cooperation in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, with the aim of supporting a green transition in Africa. Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, launched the programme and gave these words of encouragement,

In order to address the climate crisis, we need all hands on deck. We need cooperation across disciplines, sectors and borders. (….) Quality education is crucial in driving innovation and new solutions. At the same time, it’s a gateway to a better future for young people.

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