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Join the Alumni Network

The Danida Alumni Network is a global community and digital platform to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration between alumni as well as with Danish universities, companies and institutions.

The benefits of joining include access to:

  • User-friendly social networking to facilitate cooperation and knowledge exchange
  • Exclusive opportunities to build new relationships and to advance research or career opportunities
  • Regular news about Danish and global events, discussions, debates etc.
  • Assistance and guidelines for establishing and managing a local alumni network

Once you are registered on the Danida Alumni Network portal, we warmly encourage you to also join the closed Danida Alumni Network Facebook group and LinkedIn page – complementary online communities exclusively for Danida alumni and Danish network partners.

There are today also 12 established local alumni networks around the world. You can find an overview of these here and should there be a network in your country, then please do get in touch with the stipulated contact person to find out how you can get involved.

We look forward to staying in touch with you!

If you have not yet joined the Danida Alumni Network, then please sign up here:

Join the Alumni Network

Go to the Alumni website