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Location and contact

Q How do I get to Danida Fellowship Centre?
A The Centre is located at number 22 on a street called Hostrupsvej. The easiest way to get there is to take the Metro either from Copenhagen Airport or from Nørreport Station (destination Vanløse) and get off at Frederiksberg Station. From the station there is a five minutes’ walk to the Centre.

Q Can I contact Danida Fellowship Centre during the weekend?
A No, the office is closed during the weekends.
Official opening hours are:
Monday: 10 am – 3 pm
Tuesday: 10 am – 6 pm
Wednesday to Friday: 10 am – 3 pm

Q How do I contact a Danida Fellowship Centre employee?
A The easiest way is to send an e-mail to dfc@dfcentre.dk or directly to the Danida Fellowship Centre employee. You will find the e-mail addresses here

About Denmark

What is the level of prices in Denmark?
A In Denmark, the level of prices is relatively high. However, the fellow’s allowance is sufficient to maintain a decent living standard.

What language is spoken in Denmark?
Denmark has its own language – Danish, but most Danes also speak English.

Is the tap water drinkable?
A Yes, the tap water is drinkable everywhere in Denmark. This means that it is also safe to eat raw vegetables, salads, etc. which have been rinsed under running water.

Is there any dangerous wildlife in Denmark?
A No – the biggest carnivore is the badger. It is rarely seen as it hunts during night and it avoids people.
The mosquitoes in Denmark do not carry malaria.
There are very few natural dangers in Denmark.

How much crime is there in Denmark?
A The crime rate in Denmark is low. It is safe to walk the streets at night. However, fellows should always lock the door when leaving their room. If they are accommodated at ground floor level, they should also leave windows shut. You should also be aware of pickpocketing.

Are Danes a religious people?
A Although more than 90% of the Danish population are members of the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church, Danes are generally speaking not very religious people. The Church is mainly visited for baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals. Only a small minority attends church on a regular basis. Other denominations are primarily found in the larger cities. Services held in English can also be found in the larger cities.

Before arrival to Denmark

Q What should the fellow bring to Denmark?
A It may be a good idea to bring some special spices that are needed for cooking, as they might not be readily available in Denmark.

Q Shall I bring my own towels and bed linen?
A You should bring your own towels, but bed linen will be provided.

Q May my spouse accompany me to Denmark?
A Yes. You will, however, have to make all arrangements on your own and pay all expenses yourself i.e. if you stay at a hotel you have to pay for the extra person yourself. Please read more here.

Q May my child(ren) accompany me to Denmark?
A It is not advisable for your child(ren) to accompany you during your study stay in Denmark, as there are no child- care arrangements in the DFC programme. Shorter visits by unaccompanied children are not possible. Please read more here.

Q Can I obtain visa/residence permit for my spouse and child(ren)?
A You have to apply for the visa for your spouse and children yourself. Danida Fellowship Centre only helps with the visa for fellows coming for training.

Q Am I insured while in Denmark?
A Yes.
If you are in Denmark less than 90 days: You will receive an Insurance certificate together with your air ticket and Letter of Acceptance. Danida Fellows are insured through an agreement with Europæiske Forsikring. If you are in Denmark more than 90 days, you are covered by the Danish National Health Insurance Scheme for health issues. For all other issues, you are insured by the insurance with Europæiske Forsikring.

Q Is my guest insured while visiting me in Denmark?
A No. Your guest has to take out his/her own insurance before coming to Denmark. When you guest is applying for a visa the embassy will ask to see proof of the insurance cover.

Q Will I be met at Copenhagen Airport?
A  No, unless you have received a message from Danida Fellowship Centre saying otherwise.

Q Do I need to enclose the certificate of proficiency in English with my application?
A You only need to be able to document your English proficiency, if you are from a country where English is not the administrative language. We only need a copy of the certificate for studies of an academic nature.

Stay in Denmark

Q Where will I stay while in Denmark?
A It will not be decided until after you have received your air ticket. It can change up till the last minute of arrival due to cancellations. Participants attending the same course will be accommodated at the same place. Everybody will get their own room.

Q How much will I receive in allowance?
A It depends on where you will stay while in Denmark and whether there are facilities for you to cook. Please read more here.

Q Can I change my ticket?
A Yes, but only in exceptional cases and the cost of the change will be at your own expense. Please write an e-mail to dfc@dfcentre.dk with the preferred dates of departure. We will then check out the possibilities and get back to you. It is only possible to change the travelling dates, not the route.

Q Can I travel to other countries during my stay in Denmark?
A Yes, you can travel to all Schengen countries if you have a Schengen Visa or a residence permit. If you need to travel to a country outside of the Schengen area, you need to apply for a visa for that country before coming to Denmark. Please read more here.

Q Will Danida Fellowship Centre pay my return ticket home in case of severe illness or death of my next of kin?
A Yes, Danida Fellowship Centre will pay for your return or trip home in case of severe illness or death of your spouse, father/mother or child.

Q Does Danida Fellowship Centre arrange any social events?
A Yes. Please see http://fellowship-post.com/.

Q Is there wireless internet connection at the Danida Fellowship Centre hostel?

A Yes, there is wireless internet connection in all rooms at the Danida Fellowship Centre hostel. How to get connected to the wireless internet is described in the brochure that you will find in your room.

 Is there free wireless internet connection at the hotels?
A Yes.

Q Being a Danida fellow on a short course in Denmark, can I apply for a Master or PhD degree?
A You can apply for a Master or PhD, if your Danida Programme is willing to pay for your Master/PhD.


Q Is it possible to get a medical check-up while in Denmark?
A Yes, at the general practitioner. The check-up is subject to a charge (currently app. DKK 2,000). Please note that neither the insurance nor Danida Fellowship Centre will cover this charge.

Q If pregnant, is it possible to complete the course or study?
A Yes.
Short courses: You course finishing date (departure date) must be earlier than two months prior to your due date.
Longer study stays: It is not possible for you to give birth while in Denmark, so if your due date is during your planned stay in Denmark, your study in Denmark will be cancelled or postponed.

Q Is it possible to get an eyesight test while in Denmark?
A Yes, most opticians/spec shops do eyesight tests for free and you are not obliged to purchase glasses at the shop.

Q Does the medical insurance cover new glasses while in Denmark?
A No

Q In case I fall sick what do I do?
A You contact your general practitioner. If you are in Denmark less than three months (and not covered by the National Health Scheme), it is advisable to contact the DFC office.

Q How do I contact the Danida Fellowship Centre counsellor?
A Please send an e-mail to the DFC office (dfc@dfcentre.dk) and book an appointment.

Q In case of an emergency what do I do?
A If outside office hours call the emergency service. Find the information here.

Departure from Denmark

Q Can I take more than 20 kg home with me?
A It depends on the airline company. Please check the website of the airline company.

Q Will DFC provide transport to the airport?
A If you are staying outside the Copenhagen area, Danida Fellowship Centre will provide the necessary train/flight/bus ticket. If you are staying within the Copenhagen area you are kindly requested to use public transport. For more information on public transport and time schedule, please go to www.Rejseplanen.dk (The Journey Planner). In case you prefer to go by taxi it will be on your own expense.


Here you will find the answers to some of the questions about a fellowship in Denmark that we often encounter at the Danida Fellowship Centre.

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