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Uptake of research results in Vietnam

Biogas from waste rice straw and water hyacinth

Objective: Research results from the project “Sustainable production of biogas from waste rice straw” (SubProM), DFC project no. 11-016 AU, and co-operation with the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV)

A research result of the SubProM project was the development of a durable, cheap farm-scale biogas reactor for co-digestion of high proportions of biomass such as waste rice straw and water hyacinth with pig manure. With the support from Danida and DFC, the biogas reactor technology was developed by project researchers from Aarhus University and Can Tho University, also involving some co-operation and funding from SNV Vietnam, for upscaling amongst Vietnamese small scale farmers and hopefully with a successful market solution.

Activity coordinator: Kjeld Ingvorsen and Jan Bentzen, Aarhus University
Link to project 11-016AU in Danida Research Portal

Main partners: Aarhus University, Can Tho University, SNV Vietnam

Timeframe: 2019-2021