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Study stays for PhD students

PhD students who are a part of the research collaboration projects supported by Danida will be in Denmark to study and collaborate with research colleagues for one or more periods of time during their PhD studies.

Danida Fellowship Centre assists with the travel arrangements, visas, accommodation and other logistic matters before arrival and throughout the fellows’ study-stay in Denmark. The research project grant covers this assistance. As a counterpart and host of a PhD student, we advise you to read the administrative guidelines and follow the procedures for logistic services.

Please contact us at least 3 months prior to the planned study stay in Denmark.

No grants for individual PhD and postdocs are given as these are included in the development research projects. Sponsorships cannot be supported.

Cost of Logistic services


Read Danida Fellowship Centre’s administrative guidelines for PhD students below.

Read administrative guidelines

What we need from counterparts in Denmark

From the PhD counterparts in Denmark we need a copy of the letter of invitation to the fellow (see below), a copy of the first page of the passport (with name and date of birth) and the e-mail address of the fellow.

Draft letter of Invitation

The signed letter should be forwarded to the PhD student together with the Guide for Danida fellows in Denmark.

The research project coordinator is to forward a signed letter of invitation to the fellow with a copy to Danida Fellowship Centre. The exact study period should be coordinated with Danida Fellowship Centre in advance.

Please note that fellows arriving in Denmark for the second or third time should also receive a letter of invitation. All fellows are asked to show this letter at the point of visa application and when travelling to Denmark.

The following passages must be incorporated in the letter that should be printed at the official letterhead paper of the Danish University.

See draft letter