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Building Stronger Universities (BSU2)

For BSU II use only:

The General Conditions for grants to BSU II support set down detailed conditions for the administration of grants to development research. The General Conditions (January 2016 version)Memorandum of Understanding and Trilateral Agreement (downloadable) constitutes the Grant Framework of the BSU II projects.

The Budget Form to be used can be downloaded here.
The Inception Report format can be downloaded here.
The Completion Report Format can be downloaded here.

List of Appendices:

Appendix 1a: Annual Report format (Outdated)
Appendix 1b: Annual Progress Report format
Appendix 2: Disbursement Request Forms (BSU II country and Danish partner)
Appendix 3: Annual Accounts Form
Appendix 4: Template for Management Endorsement of Accounts for the Danish Research Partners (if audited by the National Audit Office of Denmark)
Appendix 5: General Guidelines for Accounting and Auditing of Grants Channelled through Governmental, Parastatal and International Organisations, 2007
Appendix 6: N/A
Appendix 7: Audit Instructions and appendices
Appendix 8: Guidelines for Danida Fellowship Centre’s Administration of Research Fellows from Developing Countries
Appendix 9: What can be funded under the BSU II?
Appendix 10: Guidelines for Project Administration and appendices (appendix 10aappendix 10b)
Appendix 11: Template Accounting Manual and appendices (appendix 11aappendix 11bappendix 11cappendix 11d)

Please find the summary of the seven south BSU II Project Outlines here, and the full versions here: – University of Ghana; – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; – Sokoine University of Agriculture; – Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre; – State University of Zanzibar; – Gulu University; – Kathmandu University;

For inspiration: The following background documents have been used as inspiration to develop the Inception Report format and the Results and Monitoring Framework, respectively.

• African Universities and the Challenge of Research Capacity Development – link
• Toward a balanced scorecard for higher education: Rethinking the college and university excellence indicators framework – link
• USAID/HED Standard Higher Education Indicators – link
• Priority Area Assessment on Capacity Building in Science – link
• Monitoring at Programme and Project Level – General Issues – link
• Performance Indicators for Assessing and Benchmarking Research Capacities in Universities – link
• Research Uptake Checklist, UKAid – link
• Research Uptake – A guide for DFID-funded research programmes – link
• Standard indicators for the NORHED programme – link
• Subject Rankings Methodology – link
• The Danida Guidelines for Country Programmes – link
• Key Performance Indicators, University of Leicester – link

The third phase of the Building Stronger Universities programme builds on lessons learned from phase 2, consolidates results and focuses on fewer thematic science areas, and is thoroughly adapted to local contexts, needs and priorities identified by the Southern partners.

See phase 3