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Call 2024 – Research Grants, Phase 2


Any inquiries regarding the guidelines or the application procedures should be addressed to Danida Fellowship Centre’s research management team at research@dfcentre.dk. Please be advised that during the month of July, the DFC research administration will have a prolonged response time.

Useful resources in the preparation of applications:

Guide to writing a good proposal

Sustainable Development Goals

Country policies

The Consultative Research Committee (FFU)

Inclusion and equitable partnerships

Security in research projects

Guide to the role of sector counsellors (in countries with Danish Strategic Sector Cooperation)

How to notes for implementation of the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation (um.dk)

Phase 2 Invitation and guidelines 2024

Deadline for submission of a Phase 2 application is 14 August 2024 at 13:00 (CEST).

Phase 2 Invitation and guidelines 2024

Link to the e-application system

SurveyMonkey Apply

Relevant appendices for upload in the proposal:

Logframe – the results framework for the project

Budget template