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Solutions to the global water crisis


Around two billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water, and approximately half of the world’s population struggles with severe water scarcity throughout or for parts of the year. These statistics are deeply worrying and are reinforced by the sobering reality that only 0.5 percent of the Earth’s water is usable fresh water. Moreover, the relentless effects of climate change are further exacerbating the fragility of the current water situation.

The urgent need for solutions to the global water crisis is clear and, in line with the Danish strategy for development cooperation, Danida Fellowship Centre maintained its focus on water-related issues throughout 2023. As a result, three of our learning programmes were specifically dedicated to address pressing water challenges. These were Advanced Water Cycle management, Goundwater Governance and Wastewater management to help the participants deliver applicable, innovative water system solutions, while several of our other learning programme especially with environment and green transition also addressed aspects of water management. Within our research portfolio, 12 projects had water as a theme, see Danida Research Portal.

In addition, we organised a series of online and in-person water webinars designed to inspire, connect and share the collective knowledge about different aspects of water in our knowledge ecosystem, which consists of partner institutions, universities and Danida fellows. Danida fellows actively participated in these webinars as facilitators and guest speakers, promoting knowledge sharing across sectors and creating valuable connections.

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