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During your stay

Here you will find all the information you need about being a Danida Fellow in Denmark. Danida Fellowship Centre arranges all the practicalities prior to your arrival in Denmark. We offer help and advice and make sure that everybody acquires a good knowledge of Danish society and culture through a thorough introduction.

We operate our own hostel in Copenhagen and offer several social and cultural events each week. For fellows participating in courses in developing countries, the logistics and other practical matters are being dealt with by the training institutions.



Make your stay easier and learn how to use the facilities at the Danida Fellowship Centre hostel.

In Copenhagen the accommodation will either be at Danida Fellowship Centre’s own hostel at Hostrupsvej (68 one-roomed self-contained flats), or at a hotel.

At Danida Fellowship Centre’s own hostel, bedding and basic kitchen utensils will be provided. You need to bring your own towels. Fellows are expected to carry out household chores such as cooking, cleaning, etc. themselves.

During peak periods, Danida Fellowship Centre has to use hotels, some of which do not provide cooking or laundry facilities.

Outside Copenhagen you will most likely be accommodated in a hostel with cooking facilities. Some fellows will follow residential courses where board and lodging are provided.

On arrival you will find an information guide about your specific accommodation.


You can choose between different types of tickets and travel cards which are all valid for buses, trains and the Metro in the Greater Copenhagen area. Your choice depends on how and how much you wish to travel during your stay.
Staying outside Copenhagen you will find information about regional and local transport on websites as well.

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Spouses or other adult close relatives are welcome to visit, provided that he/she pays for and arranges everything in connection with the visit: Air ticket, insurance, visa and accommodation.

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A General Practitioner is usually the first person to contact in the event of illness. The opening hours of the health clinics are weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm and a surgery one evening a week.
You need an appointment in order to see a GP.

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To offer a better understanding of Denmark and to bring about cultural exchange with Danes as well as with other fellows, all our Danida fellows are invited to a number of social and cultural activities during their stay.

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Denmark is in general a safe place to stay. But just like in any other country, you should take certain precautions, especially in the cities and larger towns. Crowded areas like in the areas around Central Stations and the City Halls you should pay special attention to pickpockets.

Pickpockets love distractions.

Pickpockets use a variety of distractions and tactics to relieve victims of their personal items. Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you aware of and guarding your valuables in a crowd?
  • Are your phone, cards and cash safely stored?
  • When you pay with a credit card, do you always cover your pin code?’
  • Keep your cards separate from your pin codes

112 is the nation-wide number to call only

  • in case of an accident, fire, or a serious crime
  • if lives, property, or the environment are in acute danger
  • if there is a need for immediate police assistance, an ambulance, the fire brigade or environmental action

Avoid calling 112 if the situation is not acute. You risk blocking the telephone line for an emergency call. Instead, call 114, which is the service number to the police all over the country.


In Copenhagen, The DFC Café in the hostel at Hostrupvej, has become many fellows´ favorite space for both spontaneous and planned social and cultural activities. Soft-drinks, beer and wine are at sale at reduced prices, and tea and coffee are free of charge.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 7pm – 10:30pm
Friday – Saturday: 7.00pm – 12.00pm
Sunday: 7pm – 10:30pm

Tuesday the café is closed

Also available at the centre is a small library, a small computer room with Internet access, table tennis, snooker, gym, outdoor volleyball and a wide selection of board games (chess, scrabble, etc.).

For social activities outside Copenhagen, look under Social Activities.